As we journey down life's limited access highway some of us will question the existence of a divine creator. I, for one, am convinced there is one.

When I get up in the middle of a dark night and painfully stub my toe on the coffee table I know there is somebody up there laughing. I can just feel it. The fact that nearly every human being who experiences a similar, barefoot in the dark, episode will instinctively cry out the name of his god of choice is proof enough for me of a cosmic connection.

We can pray to an ultimate being but I don't think we could communicate with one. He would be to alien for our minds to comprehend. It would be like an ant trying to understand how the VCR works.

Not alien like E.T. although flying saucer fanatics can elevate their beliefs to religious heights. Personally, I don't know how anyone can go around hoping to meet some smelly alien from Planet X. Why would any intelligent life form want to land on a planet full of dangerous apes?

We can't even get along with each other so how can we expect to harmonize with little green men, or whatever they are?

If we can't understand each other how could we ever hope to truly understand god?

Here on Earth everyone and everything is made of the same star dust, the cooled ashes of fire barfed out by the sun eons ago. (Is that poetic or what?)

I believe there is a spirit that moves through all things. Just as there is a life energy in human beings there is an energy beyond our understanding in the earth, the oceans, the mountains and even in my refrigerator.

With that in mind I can sit back satisfied that on some unfathomed metaphysical level my coffee table may actually be able to feel how much I really hate it.

Posted JUL 15, 2004

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