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Let it be known that The Grudge Report was first to call the winner of Election 2016 in the May 5th article "Predicting the Future Made Easy".

But before Donald Trump, literally, executes the Office of the Presidency next January we still have yet to endure the gaiety and frolic of next week's Presidential Debates.

With any luck, during the debates, the Don will implode and say something totally outrageous, even for himself. But he need not worry, the Don's fat-cat cronies will insure lot's of damage control in the Post-Debate roundtables and News venues.

Once the GOP's elephant in the room moves into the Oval Office it will be my most fervent wish that sometime during the next four years I will turn on my TV and hear America say, "Donald Trump, you're fired!". But I won't be holding my breath while I wait.

I'm not saying that a "President Hillary" would be anything more than business as usual but at least business as usual means no surprises and some surprises can be quite unpleasant. Some have waxed philosophical that "Life is like a box of chocolates." but I say, life is more like walking through a cow pasture barefooted and blindfolded.

Posted Sept 24, 2016

© Carrozza 2016

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