How to make "The Tight Budget WebCam!" for free.

Step One

You need Windows 95/98 and a Connectix Quickcam or other camera.

Step Two

Create your Webcam.bat file below

@echo off
echo Webcam now searching for Quickcam.jpg every 30 seconds.
CHOICE /C:FPX /T:F,30 F=Force File Search P=Pause X=Exit
if errorlevel 3 goto Term
if errorlevel 2 goto sleep
if errorlevel 1 goto search
goto top

if not exist c:\quickcam\quickcam.jpg goto top
ftp.exe -s:textfile
del c:quickcam\quickcam.jpg
goto top 

echo Webcam is now in pause mode.
goto top

Echo Webcam Terminated!

Step Three

* Edit above batch file to suit your paths and camera software. I use Connectix Quickcam so I set it's software into Auto Capture mode for every three minutes.
* Edit Line 2 if you have cam software other than Quickcam.
* The /C:PB following the word "choice" is not a path but a command parameter it does not need to be changed. Edit the "99" seconds if you lower the 180 seconds which you can do with ftp.exe as it is so fast. You can probably upload a new picture every 60 seconds.
* Save webcam.bat and textfile.txt in \Quickcam directory.

Step Four

Create Textfile.txt which contains the script commands for FTP.EXE to run. You can name it something other than textfile.txt. Here is one similar to mine, you may have to tweak yours to get it to run smoothly. I copied ftp.exe to my Quickcam directory for convenience sake.


cd \yourdir\onserver\
send c:\quickcam\quickcam.jpg

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Copy or download and edit the combined Webcam.bat, Webcam.htm and Textfile.txt files in text form and edit to your needs.

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