Step One

You need Windows 95/98 and a Connectix Quickcam or other camera.

Step Two

Get the 30 day trial version of "FTP Outbox" and install it. Click here

If you use another automated FTP program edit webcam.bat accordingly.

FTP Outbox is $15 to register.

OR for FREE...

If you are FTP savvy you can use FTP.EXE which comes with Win95.Click here for instructions.

Step Three

Create your Webcam.bat file below

@echo off
echo This program searches for quickcam.jpg every 20 seconds.
choice /C:XFP /T:f,20 Choose X=Exit F=Force file search P=Pause
if errorlevel 3 goto sleep
if errorlevel 2 goto file
if errorlevel 1 goto end
goto top

echo Webcam.bat is now in Pause mode.
goto top

if not exist C:\quickcam\quickcam.jpg goto top
copy c:\quickcam\quickcam.jpg c:\outbox\boxes\upload
C:\outbox\boxes\your_account.exe /b upload
echo File found!
echo Webcam.bat will sleep for 99 seconds during FTP upload.
choice /C:PB /T:b,99 P=Pause B=Back to timed search mode. 
if errorlevel 2 goto top
if errorlevel 1 goto sleep

Step Four

* Edit above batch file to suit your paths and camera software. I use Connectix Quickcam so I set it's software into Auto Capture mode for every three minutes.
* Changing Quickcam's and webcam.bat settings to less than 3 minutes may cause overlapping sessions of FTP Outbox unless you have a fast computer and phone connection.
* If you use another automatic FTP uploader be sure and edit lines 18 and 19 to reflect the paths and command lines.
* Edit Line 2 if you have cam software other than Quickcam.
* The /C:PB following the word "choice" is not a path but a command parameter it does not need to be changed.
* Save webcam.bat in \Quickcam directory.

Step Five

Download and edit the combined Webcam.bat and Webcam.htm file in text form and edit to your needs.

Click here for text files.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

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can use for updating your page.

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